The first issue of Corridor will highlight Bridgeport, Connecticut, a city with a boisterous history. It is evident that Bridgeport, like many east coast port cities, went through a period of unprecedented industrialization and significant physical alterations that have resulted in challenges and opportunities as the city undergoes efforts to revitalize. What is left is a lack of access to the city’s waterways, an abundance of industrial buildings, a transitioning downtown, and incredible architectural remnants from a bygone era of rapid growth. As the city is now confronting its own history and beginning to rebuild large swaths of urban property, we hope to explore the exisisting and proposed environments of Bridgeport, both natural and constructed, and inspire more creativity to affect positive change in our cities.

Contributors: David Kooris, Bisco Smith, Paul Antinozzi, The Yale School of Architecture, Maisa Tisdale, Michae.l Ong, George Leroy Janda III, Allison Morrissey, Marcella Kovac, Emily Larned, Hugh Bailey, Patrick Cullina, Dean Mack, The City of Bridgeport, Sasaki Associates, Aron Chang, Alan J. Plattus, The Design Service, Tai Degouvea, Katie Lyon, Kristin Diotte, Phil Kuchma, Larry Coleman